A Cannabis Cultivation IOT and Control Device

MJ Sense controls temperature, humidity, and light timing in a grow space, as well as graphically displays temperature, humidity, light strength, and CO2 levels to your computer or device.

MJ Sense

MJ Sense is a marijuana growing IOT and control device. MJ Sense helps produce a successful crop by controlling temperature and humidity in a grow space, acting as timer for the lights, and sensing temperature, humidity, light level, and CO2. This data is sent to the cloud using a low cost, low data rate cell service; (we are also developing a wifi model). Light timing (12 hour, 18 hour, or 24 hour) is easily selected on the front panel and everything else is done for you. All that is required is to plug in the correct appliance at the right time (lights plugged into Lights AC, and Air conditioner is plugged into Temp AC when CoolLED comes on).

Peace of Mind

Cannabis cultivation is optimally set at a particular light range (which most people are aware of), but also at a particular temperature range and particular humidity. Of course the optimal temperature and humidity changes at "night" and during the different growth stages. With multiple sensors, MJ Sense will determine the grow rooms conditions, send those parameters to the cloud; then MJ Sense will use the data to control the temperature and humidity of the room to the optimal conditions for cannabis cultivation.

Guess no longer

There are lots of great but varied information about how to best grow marijuana inside (see Good Growing Sources), but each choice of lighting, temperature control method, soil or no soil, CO2 control, will vary by grower and batch. With MJ Sense, you will be able to monitor the full process, keep records, understand the growth process better, and find out what achieves the best quality and best yield for your particular growing choices. And isn't that the whole point!

For Small to Medium Sized Grow Spaces

MJ Sense will monitor temperature, humidity, light level and CO2 with the correct sensors. Also light timing is controlled and the AC power is output to the Light AC connector on the MJ Sense; a maximum of about 2000W of lighting power should go through the light AC relays. In addition for the Temp AC Ouput(Fan or Air Conditioner to Cool, and a heater to Heat) 1000W maximum can be used, and for the RH AC (dehumidifier and humidifier), 1000W maxuimum can be used. These settings fit perfectly for small to medium sized grow spaces.

How does it work exactly?

1. A growth setting of Veg., Mid., or Flower is set on the front panel rotary switch.

2. Sensors are placed in different spots of the grow room. Temp, Light, RH, and CO2 sensor data are sent to the cloud to be viewed on a mobile device or PC.

3. MJ Sense controls temp and RH depending on the growth setting and time of day (for example Flower night has a differnt control than Veg. night).

4. Control is displayed on the LEDs on the front panel (Light, Heat, Coool, Dehumid, Humid) and sent to power boxes to physically control the air conditioner or heater or dehimidifier or humidifier, depending on need.

The Development of MJ Sense

We are wrapping up the development of the prototype, software and hardware. The plan is to have a fully functioning prototype and release on an Indiegogo campaign for those that no longer want to guess how to produce the best marijuana crop for their growing conditions. Sign up for our newsletter and receive occasional updates on the development and the timing of the Indiegogo campaign.

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